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People - 2018
A pocket book containing statistical data organized in the following areas: Population, Education, Culture and sports, Health, Labour market, Social protection and income and Living conditions. ...

Issue year: 2020

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Demographic Statistics - 2018
This publication features key statistics on demographic events in Portugal, emphasizing the most relevant trends and aspects observed in 2018, covering the following subject matters: - Resident population estimates by sex and age, natural and migratory growth; - Population projections; - Births and ...

Issue year: 2019

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Geographical Level
Deaths (No.) by Place of residence (NUTS - 2013), Sex and Age group; Weekly 31-07-2020 NUTS III
Deaths under 1 year (No.) by Place of residence; Monthly 15-07-2020 NUTS I
Marriages (No.) by Place of registration (NUTS - 2013); Monthly 15-07-2020 NUTS III
Live births (No.) by Place of residence of mother (NUTS - 2013) and Sex; Monthly 15-07-2020 NUTS III
Deaths (No.) by Place of residence (NUTS - 2013) and Sex; Monthly 15-07-2020 NUTS III