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Sport in numbers - 2021
Statistics Portugal releases the 2 nd edition of Sports in Numbers - 2021 which provides statistical information organized in seven chapters: education, employment, business sector, international trade, consumer prices index, public financing of sports activities, and federated sport, going through ...

Issue year: 2022

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Culture statistics - 2020
Statistics Portugal releases the publication Culture Statistics - 2020 , a year in which the effects of the pandemic and consequently adopted measures to safeguard public health had a meaningful impact in the cultural and creative sector. In the publication is disclosed statistical information on ...

Issue year: 2021

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Cinema spectators per inhabitant (2006 methodology - No.) by Geographic localization (NUTS - 2013); Annual 22-06-2022 NUTS III
Cultural employment (Series 2021 - No.) by Highest completed level of education; Annual 03-06-2022 Portugal
Cultural employment (Series 2021 - No.) by Age group; Annual 03-06-2022 Portugal
Cultural employment (Series 2021 - No.) by Sex; Annual 03-06-2022 Portugal
Cinema revenues (2006 methodology - €) by Origin of films exhibited (Countries - 2020); Quarterly 31-05-2022 Portugal