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People - 2020
Pocket book containing statistical data organized in the following areas: Population, Education, Culture and Sports, Health, Labour Market, Social Protection and Income and Living Conditions. ...

Issue year: 2022

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Study on the Local Purchasing Power - 2019
This publication characterizes the Portuguese municipalities from a purchasing power perspective, based on a set of indicators obtained from a factor analysis model. This study presents three indicators: Per Capita purchasing power Indicator, the Proportion of Purchasing Power, based on the Per ...

Issue year: 2021

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Gini coefficient of gross monetary income per equivalent adult (%); Annual 10-05-2022 Portugal
Five-year average growth rate of the mean equivalent net monetary income in real terms (%) by Population type; Annual 10-05-2022 Portugal
Mean equivalent net monetary income (€) by Population type; Annual 10-05-2022 Portugal
Persons appointed to central government, ministers, state secretaries (No.) by Sex; Irregular 08-04-2022 Portugal
Proportion of members of Parliament (%) by Sex; Irregular 08-04-2022 Portugal