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Industry Turnover Index slowed down to 19.7%
Business turnover, employment, wage and hours worked indices in industry
Industry Turnover Index slowed down to 19.7% - April 2022
08 June 2022


Industry Turnover year-on-year and nominal change rate was 19.7% in April, down by 6.4 percentual points from the previous month, this growth is inseparable from the current cycle of price increases in industry (24.6% in April. Excluding the Energy grouping, sales in industry grew 11.9% (17.1% in March). Domestic market and non-domestic market rose 19.8% and 19.5% (26.3% and 25.7% in the previous month, by the same order). It should be noted that April had 19 working days, less 2 than in 2021 and less 3 from march2022.

Employment and wages and salaries year-on-year change rates were 3.1% and 6.8% (the same rates were observed in March). Hours worked (adjusted of calendar effects) change rate shifted from 2.1% in March to -0.2% in April.

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