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 Annual progression of proceedings (%) in country courts of law
Characteristic Description
Name Annual progression of proceedings (%) in country courts of law by District court; Annual
Regularity Annual
Source Directorate General for Justice Policy
First available period 2015
Last available period 2019
  • Data reference period
  • District court
  • JUDICIAL COUNTY:  The basic unit of the judicial division in Portugal. It has a court with at least one judge, a public prosecutor and a court secretary. These counties may be 1st, 2nd or 3rd class.
  • REFERENCE PERIOD:  The length of time for which data are collected, e.g. a specific day, month or year.
  • COURT OF LAW:  Sovereign body empowered to ensure the safeguard of the legally protected rights and interests of citizens, to suppress breaches of legality, and to solve public and private disputes.
  • PROCESS:  Combination of the written statements of the parties, the decisions of the court and documents issued by the public prosecution office, and the more or less detailed report of the acts and measures taken in developing the lawsuit.
Formule [(Number of incoming cases - number of completed cases)/ Number of pending cases]*100
Measure unit (symbol) Percentage (%)
Power of 10  0
Last update date 29/05/2020

information presented in 9/7/2020